Neck & Neck ...opens today

One of my plans this year was to showcase some of my explorations of digital mark making with cloth and form. As a scarf wearer myself I am intrigued by how a strip of patterned fabric can be formed in a multitude of ways around the neck and how an individual chooses to wear it.  Scarves are a great accessory they can make a simple everyday outfit that bit more individual. I am also interested in how digital print technologies can allow you to produce 1 or 1000 items and each one can be unique.

For Neck & Neck I took a single piece of  silk fabric that would be worn around the neck and aimed to create structure and interest to the form through the pattern /design. The patterns are made using only computer software, lines, colour and layering create dimension to the fabric. Each piece is unique, how you choose to wear these pieces determines how the print is viewed. Twisted, tied, looped or knotted all will produce a final different effect.   Please come and say hello if you are around I will be in the shop most of the week. Please see here for opening times and location.