Designed by emma jeffs for the V&A / Japanese Patterned Adhesive Vinyl

The V&A gave me permission to digitally dissect three kimonos from the Japanese textiles in the V&A collection, to create 3 Wall Ribbons . Working from high resolution photographs of the kimonos and using the tools of photoshop, I could then magnify and explore all the complexities of these pieces. The stitches, the construction, the weave of the fabrics, the delicacy and depth of the patterns and colours. 

I then abstracted, cut, layered and patched my own digital patterns from these pieces. The final designs are digitally printed onto a fabric that has an adhesive backing. The vinyls are 10 x 200cms, there is no repeat. You can place them horizontally or vertically and they can be repositioned. 

It has been a real privilege to be able to create these digitally constructed textiles. I hope I have captured and highlighted some of the qualities and details of these magnificent fabrics within my patterns so that they can be seen again in a new form. They are available in the online shop (which ships worldwide) and in the museum shop price £25.00. All made in the UK and every purchase supports the museum.