Moving Marimekko by Jeremiah Tesolin

I have always been interested in machines within manufacturing processes. I am seduced by what they make, how they automate and produce, lights and buttons flashing.  (It should be noted that I also love making by hand).  This is a short film by Jeremiah Tesolin brand manager at Marimekko with music by Neva Tesolin.  Jeremiah remembers reading a quote by Architect Benjamin Thompson which read "Marimekko is the movement of colour in space". Taking this further he created this brief movie in his first few weeks at Marimekko of exploring the essence of moving Marimekko. Who would think that printed cloth being roll finished could be so seductive on film. Well I do.

 This is what Jeremiah says about the film.
 "As a new employee in Marimekko I’m coming into an environment with a rich brand history that I’ve been told takes time to understand. Since I’m working in brand and marketing development, I felt I needed to spend time with the core elements of the company in order to understand how I can help Marimekko evolve. Core elements range from the people, places, and processes that can help Marimekko move forward. What I’m fascinated in is finding the essence of how and why the company was created, and how those essential ideas can be made contemporary today.
I started spending a lot of time in the printing facility in Herttoniemi. Exploring the essence of the company and how to help it move further. Each day I’d pass through the factory floors in the morning to see what new prints are being created, how they are made and who’s working there each day. What struck me most was the vibrancy of patterns within the industrial space. I’ve read about Marimekko’s brand being a series of contrasts, and the factory is probably one of the best examples. Rolls of white textile ready to be printed and rolls of colourful prints running through the building. The hand-touch of the workers using ink to bring the prints to life, and the mechanics that go along with rolling the fabrics for transportation. It’s the most positive and vibrant working space I’ve seen and every time I’ve visited it’s always alive with a new print".