Sketches on the bus.

I have to grab every spare moment to fit in the time to draw and this is a sketch that I did on a bus journey when I began to think about designs for my children's window film collection.  A biro and any paper will do. Backs of bills, envelopes, on newspaper anything I can grab and sketch on.   I have always worked this way. I have never enjoyed the confines of a sketchbook preferring to make files of thoughts, images, photos and sketches.  

I use A4 lever arch files and plastic pockets to collect things. I find it gives me the freedom to move things around and pin them up on my very large cork notice board 1.5 x 3 m's.  The notice board becomes a giant mood/styling board. I can then take it all off at the end  of a project and store it all in a file . It works for me. How do you begin and archive the process of your creative projects? A ceramic friend has shoeboxes that she uses to store each project. They are really delightful to open full of bits of ceramic glaze tests, photos and drawings.