Easter Weekend -Chris Ofili

Lovely weekend spent catching up with friends, eating far to many chocs and hot cross buns, loungin
in some sunshine, and the little 'Un' took her first  wobbly steps. We also got to see The Chris Ofili exhibition at the Tate Britain. (Got to go back for the Henry Moore)  It was wonderful to immerse in the intricate layering of his work up close.  One room had a display of his Afromuses. These were a series of watercolours, which I hadn't seen before. You can see the fluidity of the marks in these wonderful set of portraits. He says" It's a bit like jumping on a trampoline in the morning to get started and get the energy flowing. I also do them at night as a little bedtime story. Each one is made all in one sitting, from the beginning right to the end.... They give me a sense of completion and spontaneity that feeds into other works" Chris Ofili, in Ariella Budick, 'Modern Muses', Newsday, 1 May 2005.

I love using watercolours it is so liberating. I wanted to dust off my watercolour set I have had since I was 11 years old and wondered if I could find the time to do a little wash with them every morn. It has been to long it usually only sees the light on holidays...