Designs for Raincoats - a new project

Sneak peak...
These are some small samples from the print strike offs & design drawings for a new raincoat I have been working on for a Danish company.

I have wanted to do a raincoat for a while now but I have always been reluctant because of the materials involved.

(I am still hoping to find a greener alternative to the PVC film that I currently use for the window film. I am sure I will find something as material development in this area is progressing. Ideally I am trying to find a PET film that is produced akin to the window film, but my search goes on...)

So back to the mac the aim was to produce a raincoat that was practical and stylish but we also wanted to address the process of how we produced this product through the manufacturing process, partners and the materials it was made from.

The project has taken over a year and has involved myself, a Danish design and distribution company, a fantastic UK pattern/product developer and a Chinese manufacturing company who pride themselves in working with sustainable materials and ethical practices.
It has been great working with this international team.

I will post photos of all the finished designs soon and a bit more more about
this fantastic material which is made from plastic bottles.

The " Practicals" range is due to be launched in August at Formland in Denmark and at the New York Gift fair in the US.